2015 iPhone 6 Plus review

As mentioned, I work at a location that does app support for smartphones. I’ve got a great insider view on the phones’ features, specs, and benefits.

After what I’ve experienced, I plunked my money down for the new Apple iPhone 6 Plus. I voted with my dollars.

So here’s a quick review for any shopper wanting the quick and dirty.


The iPhone 6 Plus is the most attractive phablet around. Its specs don’t compete with the Android juggernauts and it can be difficult to get a grip around. But there’s no question that Apple’s wonderful (but pricey) 5.5-incher is a force to be reckoned with.

Most attractive phablet
Awesome full HD screen display
Solid camera for daily use

Too large to utilize with only one hand
Extremely costly, relatively speaking
“Reachability” feels awkward

The new 5.5-inch iPhone is something that shoots a bolt of excitement down the spines of long-time Apple fans. The large size being a concept we thought we wouldn’t ever see from the Silicon Valley team. But I’m here to say that this is the greatest iPhone ever – the iPhone 6 Plus.
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The Pew Study for Smartphone users in 2015

Smart phones are now the primary way that a growing number of individuals around the world do their computing. It has long been suspected that just individuals in third-world nations are depending only on their cell phones for the Internet, but a recent study from the Pew Research Center shows that Americans are also relying on cell phones to get to the Web.

For the 64% of smartphone owners in America, 10% don’t have home high-speed broadband, which implies that their cell phone is their primary means for getting on the Internet. Beyond that, 15% of cell phone users report that they are restricted in different methods of accessing the web, thus they depend on their smartphones. The Pew study also found that one out of five American grown-ups either don’t have broadband access or internet limitations beyond their phone’s data plan.

Why is this? A variety of elements, including wage, age, and ethnicity, were important to this discovery:

Cash dolla: Pew found that 13% of Americans with a yearly family wage of under $30,000 a year had smartphones as their primary Internet access. Interestingly, only 1 percent of Americans who made $75,000 and up per year were reliant exclusively on their cell phone for access to the Internet. Continue reading The Pew Study for Smartphone users in 2015

Welcome to the mobilephones4free blog!

Thanks for checking out this blog page, which is intended to discuss the wonderful world of smartphones. In this space I will be discussing various cell phone models and reviewing their features and functions, as well as discussing ways to save money on various calling and data plans.

While there’s no free phones here, we’ll look at the best scenario for you as the consumer – whether you’re a business traveller, an on-the-go soccer mom, or a college student, and much more.

Thankfully I have access to lots of phones as part of my day job, where I do support work for an app company. I handle upwards of ten different phone types per day, so I feel qualified to comment.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experiences in the hope of helping a confused consumer as I have been many times as I shopped for smartphones, cell plans, and the variety of competitor claims.

Stay tuned for more!