Review: Waze map app

Waze has rapidly become my dear and closest friend while driving in the car. It has simply been the single best GPS-style navigator I’ve ever tried. Simply put, it’s saved me hundreds of hours of time from sitting in traffic. Waze alerts me to roadside hazards, traffic jams, and, my personal favorite: police radar.

Waze is a very popular traffic and navigation application that is used by many drivers from all over the world. The app lets drivers know about current situations on the roads. “Wazers” can chose from the fastest routes, or select automatic choice. And, you can find nearby gas stations, and very often it lists the actual price per gallon. Waze appears to be primarily designed to save time – and money – of drivers. In this app review we will discuss with drivers about the most important benefits and useful features of the traffic and navigation application.

Waze is a Solution for Every Driver
If you travel with Waze, you will avoid traffic jams on the roads quite easily. As well, this interactive app allows drivers/users to send reports about car accidents and dangers on the roads to alert other “Wazers.” The app provides users with helpful information such as gas prices at different gas stations too. Waze also has a feature that allows drivers to add friends and share traffic situations with them. Waze is frequently updated and provides drivers with the most up-to-date information.
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2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 review

While you know from my last post that I’m in love with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, I thought I’d review the most impressive phone at a lower price point.

2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a very beautiful and powerful Android phone. It is a perfectly designed smartphone that provides users with the advanced features and great performance. In this review you will find a lot of valuable information about the design, features, performance and battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6 phone.

Design of the Samsung Galaxy S6
You can select either black or white phones of this model. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is certainly one of the most perfectly designed smartphones that has been provided by the company. You will be impressed with its great metal style. The phone mainly consists of glass and metal – there’s no plastic on the Samsung Galaxy S6. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is different from other models due to its Quad-HD screen of super-high-resolution.

A friend of mine owns a limousine company ( and he gave Galaxy S6’s to all his drivers due to the lower cost yet feature rich phones. All the booking is accessible on the phone easily and quickly, and because of the clear display, the drivers can see it easily in dimly lit cars or waiting rooms.

Features, Performance and Battery Life
Once you begin to use the Samsung Galaxy S6 you will quickly understand that it is an extremely fast Android smartphone phone. Browsing the web is very fast on it. In fact, you will need to spend only several seconds to load web pages on the smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 impresses people with its powerful processor. The advanced processor allows a phone to demonstrate great performance.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will also meet the needs of people who like to play games. You can perfectly use the phone for playing all the modern games.

This smartphone has a wonderful camera with a fast 16-megapixel sensor. The camera allows users to apply lighting and create great pictures even at night.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with easy-to-use software that is equipped with many useful features. Samsung provides users with a wide choice of great apps. You can use apps like these for surfing the Internet, listening to music, watching video and checking emails. The smartphone provides users with adopted themes. You can create a theme for any image easily.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a small 2550mAh battery. You will be able to use a phone without charge during the day if you don’t play games and don’t watch video. The phone also allows people to use a power saving mode that increases battery life significantly.

2015 iPhone 6 Plus review

As mentioned, I work at a location that does app support for smartphones. I’ve got a great insider view on the phones’ features, specs, and their quirks.

Are you interested in buying an iPhone 6 Plus? Do you have a lot of questions about this model and can’t make a decision? In this review of the iPhone 6 Plus, you will find a lot of useful and up-to-date information about design, cameras, battery life, features and performance of iPhone 6 Plus. No doubts that information provided in this review will help you make the correct conclusions about iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 Plus is lightweight, perfectly designed and will become an ideal solution both for a businessperson and for a person who likes multimedia entertainment. The iPhone 6 Plus will undoubtedly make an unforgettable impression on mobile users due to its incredible features. As you probably already know, it is one of the best selling phones available today.

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What’s new and what’s coming with Mobile Phones

What will happen with the smartphone in the near future? A lot of people want to know the answer to this question. In fact, no “significant” changes took place in the mobile industry the last year. Today, people have mobile devices with screen displays of higher resolution. The most innovative mobile phones also have faster chips. Nevertheless, these changes are small.

As it has been estimated, over 50% of mobile phone users will have a smartphone this year. However, it is not enough to impress people with numbers in order to sell new tech successfully. The most innovative smartphones have high amounts of resources and a lot of advanced features. Nevertheless, this doesn’t impress mobile users and that’s why they don’t rush to upgrade their mobile devices.

Obviously, a lot of changes are going to happen with smartphones within the next 12 months – as they always do. It is interesting to know that the most up-to-date hardware may not be built into phones anytime soon. Now, let’s talk about the most important changes that may happen with smartphones this year.

A lot of Wearable Mobile Devices will come out soon
In talking about the innovations in mobile phone industry special attention should be paid to the Apple Watch that is known as one of the most popular wearable devices today. A lot of similar wearable mobile devices may appear within the next 12 months. Such companies as Google and Sony are going to provide the users of mobile devices with smart eyewear. Women will also have a good chance to purchase smart jewelry. Obviously, more wearable devices will be available for sale on the luxury market in the nearest future.

A Phone Will Tell You about Your Health
As you can see, some phones and smartphones already have built-in biometric scanners. However, more innovations are expected to appear in the future. Today, manufacturers of mobile devices actively cooperate with healthcare companies. For example, Samsung is planning to provide mobile users with its new health solution. You can also take advantage of well-being focused mobile applications. Such apps will keep you informed about your health. More health related apps and wearable devices will become available for users soon.

You will be Able to Buy More Products Using Your Phone
Users of mobile devices will really enjoy shopping this year. Apple Pay provides online shoppers with numerous wonderful solutions. Using them you will be able to shop in a convenient, fast and secure way. Apple Pay will allow you to enjoy great shopping in applications and online stores. Apple Pay has become very popular in the United States. In addition, the popularity of Apple Pay is rapidly growing in European countries and China. Today, there are a lot of mobile applications which allow users to shop easily and conveniently.

A Mobile Phone Will Help You Control Devices in Your Home
Mobile phones are actively integrated with home devices at the moment. Using a mobile phone you can easily control various home devices. A mobile device will allow you either to turn on or turn off lighting. Mobile users can also control humidity remotely. The device will allow you to lock or unlock doors and do many other important tasks in your living environment.

Apps Will Know Where You are Now and What Things You Prefer to Buy
Mobile applications will help you shop successfully almost anywhere. First of all, the application will get the exact information about your current location. Moreover, apps will know which products and services you usually order. Applications will also provide you with useful information about great specials which are currently provided by the local shops.


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